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ResQMe Keychain Rescue Tool

resqme keychain rescue tool

Most keychains are decorative, but finally there is one that is not only useful, but it might save your life. The ResQMe Keychain is a tool you should add to your keys today. The tool had two important functions that can save your life in an emergency. Is that something you find in any keychains you owned before?

The first function is an enclosed knife that allows you to rapidly slit through your seatbelt after an accident, or to cut away trapped clothing. This can help you escape a damage and dangerous car even if your seatbelt is damaged and will not release. The second tool is a small snapping tool that shatters a window with ease. Instead of getting trapped in your car, you can break the window safely and escape.

At a cost of under $10, why would you take a chance. Add this life-saving tool to your keychain today.

resqme keychain rescue tool

Via ResQMe