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RHA T10i Noise Isolating In-Ear Headphone

RHA-T10i earbuds

Is is time to toss away your current headset or headphones and upgrade to something unique and amazing. The RHA T10i creates a new listening experience that you can customize to match your listening preferences or genre of music. The difference starts with their stainless steel construction manufactured using a metal injection molding process. Every set of RHA T10i headphones are handmade and come bundled in a carrying case, which is almost a necessity. Why? Because the headphones come bundled with a series of replaceable tuning filters so you can adjust the sound to meet your tastes. Because the headphones are bundled with 6 pairs of dual density ear tips, 2 sets of double flange ear tips, and 2 sets of memory phone ear tips.

You get an adjustable sound system with unmatched quality, numerous options, and all for $200. This may be the best buy in high-end headphones today.

Via RHA Audio