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Risers Work Boost by Quirky

risers work boots

It is time to step up to the action. How much easier would it be to reach things on a top shelf if you were 15” taller? Imagine how fun it could be to pretend to be humongous tall monster. Picture the ease you could clean the top of your van, car port, or even trim trees with those extra 15” of reach. The cool thing about the Risers Work Boost by Quirky is that they are easy to use.

Risers just strap onto your feet and you walk around. No one is going to try to fool you and say it feels like you are walking in your sneakers but it is far easier than getting up and down off a chair, stool, or ladder.

Risers are made out of solid plastic with rubber feet and a Velcro strap. Risers Work Boost can be stacked to make storage easy. No price has been officially announced on the boots while they are still in preproduction ramp-up. You can vote for the price you would like to see them at on the Quirky website.