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Rolex GMT Master II Wall Clock

rolex wall clock

You love the look of a Rolex watch on your wrist. OK, maybe you cannot even afford a Rolex for your wrist, but you love the fashion, style, and statement made by Rolex. Why not dress up your home or office with an oversized Rolex on your wall for a fraction of the cost of those great watches? The Rolex GMT Master II Wall Clock is designed to have the looks of the infamous GMT Master II wristwatch but is massively larger. This cool wall clock is not built by Rolex but the look makes it look like it is. The clock has the same color schemes available as Rolex provides for the GMT, but of course the movement is massively different.

The wall clock uses an Asian quartz movement. You can buy one of these great looking clocks for around $300 online.

Via The Fancy