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Rolio Cable Management by BlueLounge

rolio bluelounge

The charging cables from Apple leave a lot to be desired. Your iPhone makes a perfect clock or alarm when it is sitting upright, but that is tough to do when your click is plugged in to the lightning cable for charging. The Rolio Cable Management and Wall Dock for your iPhone eliminates the problem. You wrap your charging cable around the flat Rolio system. The plug comes out one side allowing you to add the USB charging block from Apple. You can plug the entire system into a wall outlet and it create a wall mounted dock to hold your iPhone. Your phone is help upright proudly displaying the time and the charging status.

The Rolio is small enough to tuck in your back pocket to take along to the office or on the road. Most impressively, the Rolio cable management and wall dock system only costs $9.95.





Via Bless This Stuff and BlueLounge