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Roll Top Backpack by Blue Lounge

roll-top backpack bluelounge

Something we always hate about backpack laptop bags is the gaps. Too many bags leave tiny gaps at the folds that allow debris or rain to drip in on top of the laptop or other gear. The Roll Top Backpack created by Blue Lounge takes care of that issue in old-style fashion with modern twist. They kept the top of the bag extra long so you can fold it over, or roll it down, to eliminate every gap. The backpack looks cool and keeps everything securely in place and dry.

The backpack has an oversized pocket on the rear and used strong straps and buckles to provide you with a backpack with real power. The real clincher is how fantastic the bag looks. Both the black and brown bag look luxurious and rich. The bags are priced at $159 and are large enough to hold a 17″ laptop.

roll top backpack bluelounge

roll top backpack bluelounge

Buy It: HERE via BlueLounge