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Rover Revolution Spy Vehicle

rover revolution spy vehicle

Think of all the fun you have driving around a radio controlled car, now multiply that feeling by 10. The Rover Revolution Spy Vehicle is a remote controlled car, but with a huge difference. The tiny car is outfitted with camera, microphones, and even a speaker so you can scare the heck out of whoever you are spying on. The car is controlled by a built-in WiFi that connects back to your Smart Phone, giving you a range of 150 feet. The front face camera makes it easy for you to stay in control because you can always see where you are going, but it is the second camera we love the most. The second cam is on a turret allowing you to turn it to look around the yard or room. The car even has built-in nightvision, headlights, and taillights so the fun can continue after dark.

Do you really want to play a great prank? You can automatically share the sights your Rover Revolution sees on YouTube and Facebook, too. The Rover Revolution is priced at $199.99 on Amazon.

Via GearHungry and Amazon