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Rubber Band Machine Gun Assures Victory in Your Next Battle

rubber band machine gun

We have seen some cool rubber band guns in the past, but nothing, and we mean nothing, matches the crazy firepower of the Rubber Band Machine gun. Picture firing 672 rubber bands without stopping to reload. Those are 672 rapid fire shots, tossing over a pound of rubber bands at your nemesis in just moments. You will feel like Rambo on steroids with your incredible fire power. The Rubber Band Machine gun is available in 3 different versions, the standard unfinished wood, burnt wood, and black. (The burnt wood looks incredible.) The gun is powered by a series of rechargeable batteries and driven by a small electric motor.

Check out the video of the gun in action, then jump over to Kickstarter to reserve your own. You can pre-order your Rubber Band Machine gun with a quick charger for $110, or get all three versions for just $300.

rubber band machine gun




Via KickStarter