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RX Boozemin Prescription Cocktail Shaker

RX Prescription Cocktail shaker

But officer, it is just my prescription medicine. That line will still fail even when you have the ultra-cool RX Boozemin Presciption Cocktail Shaker ($27) has been approved by Doctor Koholic. Make sure you shake that fact in front of your friends as you prepare them a drink. This over-sized prescription bottle stands 10″ tall and can handle up to 28 ounces of your favorite cocktail ingredients. When you have guests to your house just announce the Doctor is in and ready to prepare their medicine.

The retro-brown bottle matches the color of those little plastic prescription bottles almost perfectly. The label will have you believing you have hit a medicinal jackpot. The bottle is topped off with a stainless steel cap to keep the flavor of your drinks pure. This would make a perfect gift for those friends of yours that are always complaining about their aches and pains. Just tell them to drink those pains away. The RX Prescription Shaker sells for under $27 making it a great priced gift.