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Scented Duck Tape Makes Fixing Everything Smell Great


Duck tape is famous for its ability to fix anything. It is an indispensable part of everyone’s toolbox and home junk drawer. Are you reluctant to use this ingenious repair material to fix things in your living room, family room, and kitchen? Put away your fears. Duck Tape has come up with the answer. They now produce Scented Duck Tape to make sure your duck tape smells great and looks equally fantastic. Instead of dingy silver duck tape with an industrial smell, now you can have bright colors smelling like perfume. Scented Duck Tape comes in Bubble Gum, Cupcake, Lemon, Orange Cream, Mint, and Grape to make sure your room, or car, smells great.

The scents are matched with coordinated colors including pink, magenta, yellow, orange, turquoise, and grape purple. Scented Duck Tape is available on Amazon for under $10 per roll.

scented duct tape

Via HiConsumption and Amazon