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Scratch Travel Map of the World

Scratch Travel Map of the World

What countries around the world have you visited so far?  Can you find them quickly on the map?  With the scratch travel map of the world you will never have trouble again.  As you visit a new country just return home and scratch off the country.  The map slowly transitions from being all brown to a colorful world map.  The faster you travel, the faster you uncover.

The scratch travel map would be one of the best gifts for men who travel the globe for work.  They would love keeping track of all their destination.  If you are not a world traveler yet, the map can be used as a great planning guide.  Just scratch off all of the countries on your wish list and then get busy to make it happen.

The map would be a great aid of your kids, too.  As they study different countries in school they can come home and scratch them off to show you what they are studying.

Can be purchased online at Our Workshop for 17£ or about $28.