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Shelfie Bicycle Wall Mount

Shelfie Bicycle Wall Mount

Finding a place to stuff you bike in an apartment is always tough. The only sensible place to put the bike is on the wall and there are dozens of options to do that, but what about your riding gear? Shelfie provides both the rack for hanging your bike and a shelf for storing your helmet and other riding gear. Shelfie lets you hang your bike by its seat, keeping it securely in place on the wall. The small shelf unit gives plenty of room for  your bike helmet, sunglasses, and any other riding gear  you want to keep handy. Personally, we like to charge our media player to have it ready for the next ride.

Shelfie has gone from concept to Kickstarter project and is rapidly approaching going into full production. You can reserve your Shelfie on Kickstarter for as low as $125.





Via Bike Shelfie and Kickstarter