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Shisha Pipe by Bugatti and Desvall


You have dreamed of smoking the tires on a Bugatti, hearing the rubber burn, watching the smoke fly from the pavement. The dream may still be far away due to the exorbitant price of a Bugatti, but you might be nearer smoking a Bugatti, than smoking its tires. Shisha pipe maker Desvall has paired up with Bugatti to create a custom Hookah pipe that is out of this world. The pipe is handmade with a solid titanium case. It has a carbon fiber covering that adds color and protection. The Desvall 360 swivel is used so you can smoke around the room without moving the pipe. The pipe had hand stitched leather, an exotic box, and a measly price tag of only $100,000. Ok, so maybe that is a down payment on a real Bugatti, but at least for your $100,000 you can start smoking, just not the tires.

This incredible Shisha Pipe from Desvall and Bugatti is limited to 150 pieces.




Via HiC and Desvall