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Silic is The Shirt That Magically Defies Getting Dirty


We all own shirts that are permanent press and do not require ironing. Almost all of us own clothes that are water repellent. Many of us own clothes that use Scotch-Guard to reduce getting stained, dirty, or wet. None of us own a shirt this is nearly impervious to getting dirty or wet, at least not yet. Silic is the newest advancement in clothing that combine nanotechnology and fabric to create a shirt that is both dirt and liquid resistant. The technology built into the shirt forces liquids to deflect from the underlying fabric and run off, but still breathes and provides comfort. Imagine getting a Coke dumped on you at a football game and just smiling, since your clothes are still dry and clean. That is the power of the new Silic shirt.

Silic is currently raising money to launch production through a KickStarter project. For $48 you can reserve a Silic Shirt for yourself.

Via Silic on Kickstarter