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Skeleton Key Bottle Opener and Corkscrew

skeleton key bottle opener corkscrew

You slowly guide your lady through the hall stopping in front of the door. You unlock the door with your ancient looking silver skeleton key. You sit guide her to sit in a chair filled with fresh strawberries, chocolates, wine, and imported beers. You see her eyes glancing over the table at tall the delectable goodness searching for away to open the bottles. You grin, hand her the key, and watch the confusion on her face. You then take the key back, pop open a beer, pull out the corkscrew, and open a fine vintage wine for her.

Ok, maybe you are not going to escape to a getaway that skeleton key works in, but it still looks really cool. You can surprise your friends or date with the silver key that unlocks their bottles and helps quench their thirst. The Skeleton Key opener come from HomArt. You can buy one through Amazon for under $25.

skeleton key bottle opener corkscrew

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