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Skin Tight Star Wars Costumes

star wars

Do you want to walk around looking like Chewbacca? Or do you prefer to look like Boba Fett or Darth Vadar? The problem with many costumes is they are loose, heavy, and hot. The Second Skin costumes have none of those problems. Their only problem is showing all of your bump, curves, and folds. Then they claim these costumes fit you like a second skin, they are not kidding. These costumes are full-body jumpsuits made from stretchy fabric that conforms to your body. You can move easily.

The costumes are printed with your characters look and then decorated with the appropriate capes, folds, and accessories to make the outfit complete. For the wooly Chewbacca you get his standard sash and pouch to complete the look. The great thing about a skin tight outfit is the fact that you can pull on pants or a t-shirt over the top to travel, and then strip down for the party.


Via Laughing Squid and Costume Craze