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Skull Ice Cube Mold

skull ice cube mold

The hot days of summer are slipping up on us quickly. In a couple of months it will be hot enough outside to melt the skin right off your bones. Maybe it is time to get prepared to fight the heat with the Skull Ice Cube Mold. Obviously, when you are battling those intense hot days, you do not want to mess around with a little wimpy ice cube. The Skull molds produce a 3″ by 3″ ice cute that fills your tumbler with ice with just one piece. You will be able to keep that iced tea or lemonade cold as morgue’s cooler with those massive cubes.

The molds come in two pieces that snap together to freeze the ice. The molds are priced at $12 each. Plan ahead and freeze up a bunch of skull ice cubes, then plan a horror movie night at your place. Think how cool these ice cubes will be for your next Halloween party, or when drinking one of these appropriately names beverages:

  • Corpse Reviver
  • Death in the Afternoon
  • Hangman’s Blood
  • Zombie
  • Bloody Aztec
  • Bloody Brain
  • Devil Juice
  • Grim Reaper
  • Headless Barman

You could conjure up one of the most memorable pool parties of the summer by brewing up a bunch of these concoctions and cooling them with a tinkling skull cube in each glass.

Via Uncrate and Gamago