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Skull iPhone Plate by Notter and Vigne

skull iphone 4 case

Why is this iPhone Plate called the Skull?  You look at the etched stainless steel plate for you iPhone and it give no indication it should be called the Skull. The incredible design looks like circuit board traces running across the bright shining stainless steel surface.  The Skull attaches to the back of your phone and reportedly can be removed easily with zero residue left behind.

The plate adheres close and tight to your phone making it easy to still use covers and cases with this iPhone plate still attached.  The plate gives added protection to your phone making sure it does not get scratched. The Skull is available with no enamel finish leaving the stainless steel glimmering on your phone, or you can order it with a black, lime, berry pink, or powder blue enamel finish.  Which color of Skull would be your perfect iPhone 4 accessory? All of the Skull colors are available for $22,95.

Can be purchased on LuxePlates