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Screws are Dull No More with Smiley Face Screws


Screws are boring. Think about the options you have. You have the standard slot head, phillips head, hex key, star, and one or two other options in screw heads, with all of them being boring and ugly. Yumakano decided it was time for people to smile when they were screwing around, especially if those screws were going to be on display. Their solution was to create Screw:), the Smiley Face Screw. The screw head has two small holes and a curved slot making the smiley face, and doubling as the biting surface for Yumakano’s custom screwdriver.

Obviously, these are novelty screws you are not going to use for everyday purposes, but for those special decorative areas, or even finishing furniture, they add a touch of fun and style.







Via Yumakano