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Smoke New Firewood Cooking by Tim Byres

smoke new firewood cooking tim byres

If you thought you new a lot about smoking foods and using them in recipes, you need to think again. It is time for you to meet the real expert of Smoke, Tim Byres. Tim’s new book, Smoke: New Firewood Cooking, explores ways of using different types of woods, different cooking methods, and recipes you would have never imagined using smoked meats. Tim’s expertise becomes apparent almost instantly as he shares tips for using strange choices like roof planks to smoke your meat. (Make sure you read that section carefully.)

One of the best sections of the book steps completely away from meats and discusses smoking vegetables, peppers, and other delectable foods. As Tim points out, there is nothing quite as good as smoked peppers for seasoning dishes for your summertime festivities. If you are ready to step up your smoking expertise and cook some new dynamite recipes this summer, Tim’s book is an essential. You can get a copy from Amazon for $25.98.

Via Uncrate and Amazon