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Sneaker Wash and Dry Bag

sneaker wash dry bag

Have you ever been frustrated when you finished washing your sneakers? You find clothes that have dirt streaked on them from the treads. Then you toss the sneakers in the dryer and listen to the thump, bump, whump, as they flip around in the dryer and occasionally knock the door open stopping the dryer. How would you like an easy answer to this problem that costs around $5? The Sneaker and Washer Bag gives just enough space between your dirty treads and you clothes to keep dirt from transferring. The best feature is when you head to the dryer. The back hooks onto the door keeping the shoes stationary as they get blasted dry with the hot air. No more headaches from listening to your shoes banging around in the dryer.

The Sneaker and Washer Bag is available from Amazon.

Via Amazon