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Sneakers: The Complete Collectors Guide

sneakers the complete collectors guide

Sneaker addiction is not about footwear, it is about the passion for style, comfort, and history. In a new book by Unorthodox Styles, you can delve into the history of sneakers seeing all of those collectible styles through the years and the changes in function and fashion the decades have untied. The book is 256 pages of remembrance and fun for sneaker aficionados and collectors. Do you remember the name of that old pair of Nike’s in the back of your closet? What about those Converse shoes from college? Do you have a pair of Reebok shoes stuffed in the attic? You can explore the year they were made, the names, and what has become of the style over the years.

You can even dig into the shoes made famous by Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, and other sports star. The book is available on Amazon for just over $20 in hardcover edition.

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