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snoozePad Doggy Bed

snoozepad dog bed

No, we did not miss a capitalization, it really is called the snoozePad. We all know a dog is a man’s best friend, but how good of a friend have you been to your canine companion lately? Do you just toss an old blanket in the corner and call it good enough for your dog’s bed? Maybe it is time to be a good master and upgrade your dog’s lifestyle with a snoozePad.

The snoozePad lets you adjust the bed to fit your dog’s favorite style of sleep. Does your dog prefer to sleep close to the floor? Then use the short legs and keep your dog elevated just  a couple inches off the floor. Does your dog like to leap into a chair or onto the couch to sleep. Then use the longer legs and give your dog their own special “chair” for sleeping.

There are a lot of good reasons for you to give your dog a raised bed. The most important one is helps prevent flea infestations. You can help reduce fleas on your dog, plus keep them away from you, too. The snoozePad uses an aluminum allow frame that is designed to be chew proof. The bed comes with a standard firm bed surface, but you can add the optional foam mattress layer to give your best pal true orthopedic comfort.

The snoozePad comes in three size to match your dog’s size. Pricing starts at $119.

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