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Solar Powered Rack Mounted Road Shower

road shower

You jump on your bike for a little dusty trail riding. You lace on your boots and climb the rugged trails. You go out fishing and end up smelling horrible. Joel Cotton of Glenwood Springs Colorado has come up with one of the coolest ways to deal with your stinky body when you are done playing. You step over to your car and take a nice leisurely hot shower. His innovation is a rack mounted and solar powered road shower. It mounts to the top of your car and captures the suns rays to heat the water and pressurize the tank. When you are ready of your shower, you just pull down the convenient spray nozzle and shower. You can even use it to clean the gunk from your bike, motorcycle, or other gear before you pack up for the trip home.

This unique idea is starting life as a KickStarter Project. You can pre-order your road shower starting at $210 on KickStarter.




Via KickStarter