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Sony SBH60 Bluetooth Headphones


All of us who used to walk or jog trails with our trusty Sony Walkman will look at the new Sony SBH60 Bluetooth Headphones with a touch of nostalgia. The SBH60 carries an almost identical attitude with its lightweight and comfortable design, but without the wire. The low-profile design makes them perfect for both wandering around the home, or going out for a job. Their sleek compact design hide powerful features, starting with a 13 hour life on a single charge. The headphones can use both Bluetooth and NFC and work flawlessly for streaming music from your Bluetooth devices, or for taking calls.

Their may be times you choose to turn off Bluetooth to save battery power on your phone, or for security. The Sony SBH60 can handle those time perfectly with its 3.5 mm plug allowing tethered play. The Sony SBH60 is available in either black or white.

Via Acquire Mag and Sony