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Spiderpodium Flexible Tablet Stand by Breffo

spiderpodium flexible tablet stand breffo

Are your spider senses tingling? Once you get a closer look at the Spiderpodium flexible table stand from Breffo, your spider senses will go into overdrive. Breffo has created a unique stand for holding your tablet PC, smartphone, digital camera, or even a book.

The Breffo Spiderpodium is a small light weight stand that folds small enough to fit in your shirt pocket or handbag. It is very lightweight and flexible in use. The eight flexible legs allow you to bend, form, and twist the stand to hold any kind of device. The soft rubber coating on the Spiderpodium makes sure you do not scratch or damage your tablet case or screen.

The Spiderpodium has one big difference compared to real spiders. It comes in a wide variety of striking colors. You can select black, graphite, blue, green, pink, purple, or white. Underneath the soft rubber coating lies a strong skeleton made from British steel. The stand is rugged.

You can bend and twist the stand to hold your tablet at any angle or position you need. It is one of the most flexible designs you can find. The Spiderpodium is priced at only $19.99 through the Breffo website.

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