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Spiegelau Stout Glass


You buy a six-pack of an impressive stout and prepare to pour a glass to enjoy. Will that standard tumbler from the kitchen do the job? While it might work perfectly fine, if you want to savor the stout like an expert, you need the Spiegelau Stout Glass. The Spiegelau glass was designed to bring a better head to the top of the glass and to increase the aroma of your stout. While we think those ideas are cool, we are more intrigued by the sexy shape and the pure quartz glass. The ultra clear glass allows you to see the lusciousness of the stout while you savor that head and aroma.

A pair of these wicked stout glasses sell for $24.90 from Spiegelau. And yes, you can drink your normal beers in these cool glasses, too.

Via Spiegelau