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Sprng Clip Locks Earpod Fallout

sprng clip

Apple Earpods and aftermarket earbuds may be the best way to listen to music with your iPod, Android, or other portable player, but they kind of suck when you take off jogging, dancing, and working. You get going good on your stepper and the earpods flip out. You keep sticking them back in, but they keep slipping out. Spring into action and fix the problem with a Sprng Clip. This fascinatingly simple clip slides onto your existing set of earpods or earbuds and provides a clipping action right in your ear. Your earpods will never fall out again. Worried about comfort? No need, these are incredibly comfortable and you will not even notice you have them on. You can start running, spinning, and dancing with your music playing in your ears without that dreaded fallout.

You can order your Sprng Clip from Sprng for $10.

Via Bless This Stuff and Sprng Clip