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Squirrel Wingsuits

squirrel wingsuits

Human flight was always a fictional idea. We could fly in airplanes, float in balloons, descend on a parachute, but never really soar through the sky. The Squirrel Wingsuits can turn you into an over-sized fly squirrel able to soar through the sky, controlling direction. The Wingsuits redefine what is possible for human flight. Recently, a group of ten flyers joined together to test the Wingsuits over various rugged terrains in the Swiss Alps, racing past rocks, floating over snow covered peaks, and exploring deep valleys. The flyers leap from helicopters to begin their flight and soar through open air with amazing control. When it is time to land, you pop open the parachute to slow your flight and float gently to the ground.

Amazingly, several of the 10 flying members had never tried the Squirrel Wingsuit prior to their amazing flight. Are you daring enough to fly like Superman?

Via GearCulture and Squirrel Wingsuit