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Star Trek Phaser Laser Pointer

star trek phaser laser pointer

Your wait is over. The Klingons, Romulan, and Borg can now attack. We finally have Star Trek Phaser that shoots a real laser, but of course, it is just a cool looking laser pointer, so maybe we should wait for that all out invasion. Your new Star Trek Phaser is just 4.4″ long, 3″ tall, and a slender .9″ wide, but it packs a wallop with its high intensity laser pointer. Even if ¬†you cannot cut through a door, stun your neighbors, or disintegrate that barking dog, you can take aim and put a dot of red light right where you wish you could shoot.

This Star Trek licensed Phaser is built to match the phasers used on television, but at least this time we get to be the ones shooting. You can buy one on Amazon for $34.99.

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