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Star Wars Battling Slot Car Racers

star wars battling slot car racers

We all loved slot car race tracks when we were kids. Pull the trigger hard and watch that car zip around the track, easing off just enough to make sure it does not launch into the air on the hairpin curves. Hammacher Schlemmer has the coolest new edition of the slot car track with an evil twist. Their Star Wars Battling Fighter Set includes a X-Wing Fighter and a TIE Fighter you send zipping around the track. Where is the evil twist? The cars are too wide to race side-by-side. When then cars catch up to each other the battle ensues to bust the other fighter loose from the track. It is like your own personal Death Star Trench Run battle.

You can get this cool battling race track for your kids, or your own personal delight, for $99.95.


Via Hammacher Schlemmer