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Star Wars Onesies

star wars onesies

Who said dressing up as a Star Wars character was just for Halloween? Now you can feel the Force every night by slipping into a set of these cool looking Star Wars Onesies pajamas. The comfortable pajamas are made from a polyester cotton blend, but you did not really care about that, did you? You just want to know who you can be for your nighttime adventure. The Star Wars Onesies are available as Darth Vader, R2D2, Boba Fett, and as a StormTrooper. They have a long zipper to make them easy to get in and out of, plus a hood for pulling over  your head. Thankfully, they left the feet open so you can slip on your sneakers for that late night run to the convenience store.

You can get ready for your midnight Star Wars sleep adventure for just $63 at the Red 5.





Via HiC and Red 5