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Steam Cleaning Grill Brush from Grill Daddy

steam cleaning grill brush

The Grill Daddy Steam Cleaning Grill Brush can help you keep your grill clean and ready for action without using harmful chemicals. The multiple scraping and cleaning brushes make it easy to get the grease and grime off your grill. If the brushes are not enough just pull the trigger and get the extra benefit of steam to help get the grease off. The Grill Daddy Steam Cleaning Brush does not generate its own steam but uses the heat from your hot grill to make steam and loosen the dirt. It has a water reservoir built right into the brush so when you hit the sticky spot you just spray a little water, let the steam bust it loose, and keep on scrubbing.

The Grill Daddy has a strong aluminum alloy body to make sure it lasts for season of great outdoor grilling. As we all know, a clean grill will last longer. You can grab one a Grill Daddy cleaner for $44.98 on Amazon

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