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Stelton EM77 Vacuum Coffee Jug

stelton em77 vacuum coffee jug

Do you hate that coffee they make at the office? It does not have the aroma and flavor of the blend you make at home. Why not just take along a carafe of your own coffee and enjoy it all day long? The Stelton EM77 Vacuum Coffee Jug is a 1 liter coffee carafe that keeps your coffee hot for over 6 hours, but is much different than a standard Thermos. The Stelton is designed for carrying and pouring coffee. It provides a zero-drip pouring spout, a sealing cap, or the easy pouring floating cap. This is the perfect carafe to set on the edge of your desk to have coffee ready for the entire day and never worry about dripping on your papers.

The carafe is made from ABS plastic with a glass liner for easy washing and superior temperature retention. You can buy a Stelton Vacuum Coffee Jug on Amazon for $75.

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