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Stereo T DJ Workstation by Hoerboard

hoerboard stereo t

Ok, so you will probably never put one of these fantastic DJ workstations in your home, or will you? The Stereo T DJ Workstation by Hoerboard is designed for professional work by international DJ’s to work their magical shows at events, but do you notice something missing? This amazing DJ workstation hides all the cables inside making one of the cleanest looking systems around. If you ever wanted to play DJ in your own home, this is the perfect ticket. It is clean, resistant to spills, the cables are hidden, it would fit into your entertainment room with amazing style, and most importantly, it is designed to perform. In case you are wondering, that gear in the Hoerboard is not included. This workstation is designed to house your gear, even your home DJ systems, and make it look like you are the star of the show.






Via Bless This Stuff and Hoerboard