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Stir Kinetic The Desk that Forces You to Move


Sitting at your desk all day creates several problems. You get lazy. You get fatter. You are less productive. You get body aches. The Stir Kinetic attacks all of these issues in one of the most innovative ways to date. The desk moves up and down at random times to make you adjust your body position and even forces you to stand to continue your work. The desk has a built in electronic height adjustment system that moves the desk so you move, too. It even tracks how many extra calories you burn due to extra motion and standing, instead of remaining on your bottom. You can manually adjust the desk using a simple control switch, but the programmable function provides that extra motivation to get in motion and stay in motion.

The Stir Kinetic Desk starts at a price of $3890.

stir kinetic desk



Via StirWorks