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Stopped Up Wine Bottle Stopper

stopped up wine bottle stopper

What kind of plug do you use in your bathtub or kitchen sink? Those big rubber stoppers do a great job of stopping water from escaping so why wouldn’t they work to stop your wine from evaporating. In reality those rubber stoppers do work great, but you probably want to stick to one made from food grade rubber and specifically designed to fit the neck of your favorite wine bottle. These cool wine stoppers include a beaded pull chain just like you use in the bathroom to make sure the stopper does not escape.

The pull chain serves a second purpose, too. If the plug gets sealed a little too tightly, just grab the chain and give it a jerk. This fun Stopped Up Wine Bottle Stopper is priced at $12.99 from Lost Marbles. Of course, if you pull out a sink stopper for your bottles of wine, everyone might think you have lost your marbles.

Via Lost Marbles