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Strand Craft V8 Wet Rod Luxury Jet Ski

Personal watercraft ready to make a splash with billionaires

When you want to impress people on the road you choose to drive a luxury car. When you want to impress people at the lake or in the harbor with your jet ski you have two choices. You can go fast, or you can go class. Strand Craft’s V8 Wet Rod makes sure you do not have to make a choice. The V8 Wet Rod is powered by a 5.7 Liter V8 engine blasting out 300 HP that sends the jet ski flying across the water at 65 MPH. That takes care of the performance, but what about style? The V8 Wet Rod features carbon fiber, wood inlays, a waterproof luggage box, and an under-seat ice chest.

You can add-on GPS, an incredible sound system, and custom paint. The 16 foot long jet ski makes you look like you are driving the Rolls Royce of jet ski, but with Ferrari performance.







Via HiConsumption and Strand Craft