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Stretchable Polymer Sand

stretchable polymer sand

Do you enjoy playing in the sand with kids or alone? You sprinkle in a little water so it sets up to create sand castles and other sand creations. What if you could have the same fun in your living room without a drop of water? Stretchable polymer sand is a combination made up of 98% sand and 2% polymer that turns the sand into something amazing. Instead of sand flying everywhere, it lightly sticks together letting you mold it with ease. It pours and flows with an almost liquid consistency, and handles more easily than dampened sand. Amazingly, the sand never dries out, is easy to clean, and completely safe. This is a creative toy you can use for your own modeling play, or get a batch for fun with the kids. They can be wildly creative without the worries of sand getting into everything in the house.

You can buy a large 2.2 pound bucked of the Brookstone Polymer Sand on Amazon for $19.99.


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