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Strikeloader Battery Powered Backpack Paintball Loader


Did you just get shot while reloading your gun? Those few moments as you reload leave you vulnerable to attack. Your paintball enemies watch for that moment and catch you in a crossfire, pelting you with paint. Imagine never reloading your gun, having an endless supply of paintballs to keep them retreating as you and your team push forward. That is the promise of the Strikeloader automatic reloader. The system can feed 42 balls per second to your gun from the backpack storage. The backpack can hold up to 1,200 paintballs making sure you are going to finish the war before you run out of ammo.

With the new Strikeloader, you become the predator, not the prey. The Strikeloader eliminates the large rifle mounted reservoir, adding only a small feed hose from the backpack to your gun. If you move fast you can get the early bird price of $269, before it goes up to the retail of $399. Strikeloader is a RocketHub funded project.



Via HiC and RocketHub