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Strong Man Toilet Paper Holder

strong man toilet paper holder

The Strong Man Toilet Paper Holder is a conundrum. It brings up images of having some heavy lifting you need to get done in the bathroom. Not necessarily a pretty picture. Of course, it also brings up visions of you being a gym rat who loves to hit the weights and want to announce to the world your love of your sport through a little fun creative decorating. Which message will your friends believe? Heck, who cares? This toilet paper holder looks cool, holds two rolls, and why do we care about what others think about our bathroom decor? They should have taken care of business in their own home.

The Strong Man Tissue holder sells for $29.99 through Amazon. It is made out of Perspex, a type of plastic, and the rod is made from aluminum. Just remember to take some reading material to the bathroom when you need to do that heavy lifting.

Via Amazon