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Surge Protector Diversion Safe

surge protection diversion safe

A safe does not need to be made out of hardened steel and weigh hundreds of pounds to be effective. It just needs to thwart thieves from their mission. StreetWise’s Surge Protector Diversion Safe protects your valuables by hiding them in place thieves never think to look, right inside a surge protector. Thieves might steal your stereo, television, or computer, but they leave behind the worthless surge protector. The Surge Protector Diversion Safe has enough storage to hold cash, your expensive watch, and jewelry. Keep in mind this surge protector does not work. It is used for diversionary purposes only. Roll up the cord and toss it in the corner. It can be in plain sight and thieves will just walk right past it.

The Surge Protector Diversion Safe is available on Amazon for $22.89.

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