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Survival Seed Vault

survival seed vault

Is the end of civilization quickly approaching? We hope it isn’t, but the Survival Seed Vault from Patriot Supply is going to make sure you are ready to survive, or to plant a reproductive garden this year.

The Survival Seed Vault is packed with 20 heirloom vegetable seeds. These seeds are unique because every plant produces seeds you can harvest and replant to create a garden that continues year after year. Most seeds you buy at your local greenhouses and garden supply centers do not produce reusable seeds.

A few of the vegetable seeds in in the Survival Vault include: Blue Lake Bush Beans, California Wonder Bell Peppers, Marketmore Cucumbers, Scarlet Nantes Carrots, Parris Island Cos Romaine Lettuce, Hales Best Cantaloupe, Snowball Cauliflower, and 13 delicious vegetables.

The Vault is sealed to protect the seeds from the elements. You can store the seeds for up to 5 years at normal room temperatures, or keep them even longer in a refrigerator.

Patriot Supply refreshes their Survival Seed Vault inventory every year to make sure you only get seeds from the most recent harvest. You can buy a single vault for $37.95 or prepare for an earth-ending event by getting 3 for $99 with free shipping. (Check your local asteroid reports before ordering to make sure you plan properly.)

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