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Tensile Tents Is The World’s Most Awesome Suspended Tent


We recently  highlighted a giant hammock, but we think Tensile Tents might be even cooler for your later summer adventures. Tensile Tents let you setup your tent in a tree. Imagine how cool it would be to have your tent hovering above the ground, away from the creepy crawlers on the ground. You can almost feel the gentle swaying the wind would cause as you slept suspended above the ground.

The Tensile Tent uses tension lines strung to surrounding trees to hang safely above the ground. You can choose to hang your tent just a few feet off the ground, or be daring and hang it higher in the trees. The tents are reasonably priced, started at $599 for the Connect Tree or $749 for the Stingray Tree Tent. Now you can really go “hangout” in the woods.







Via Where Cool Things Happen and Tensile