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Tesla Model S P85D Outperforms McLaren F1 And Comes with Autopilot

tesla model s p85d

Tesla’s latest announcement shows once again how Tesla blazes new trails in the automotive industry. The new Model S P85D is the first Tesla to feature dual engines to provide all wheel drive performance. The dual engine system gives the Tesla Model S P85D a performance boost that allows it to outperform a McLaren F1 with a 0-60 time of 3.2 seconds. It gets even better. The P85D’s AWD dual engine system improves efficiency instead of reducing it like gasoline powered AWD vehicles, with a 10% increase in mileage on a single charge. Technology improvement are found all around the new Tesla including 12 long-range ultraonic sensors, a forward looking camera, and┬ádigitally controlled brake assist. These systems are combined with Tesla’s new autopilot system to improve safety and to assist drivers on boring stretches of road.

When Tesla announces they are coming out with something special, they do not disappoint. The Tesla Model S P85D exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Via Tesla Motors