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The Executive Marshmallow Blaster

executive elite marshmallow blaster

Has someone been accusing you of being a push-over in the office? Do they call you a marshmallow or a cream puff? It is time to get your revenge and restore the balance of power. The Executive Marshmallow Blaster is designed for making a serious onslaught of face-saving power. You just load up this fantastic gun with a marshmallow and blast those lame brains into oblivion. The marshmallow blaster is not a weak-powered blue collar gun. This is executive powered and can blast a harmless marhmallow 40 feet through the air.

That mean you do not even need to leave the comfort of your cushy leather office chair to get those unruly employees to submit to your superior intellect and power. Just open the case, pull out the blaster, and smack them in the nose with a fluffy, white, incredibly sweet reminder that you are in charge. This essential office enforcer can be purchased for $43.

Via Neiman Marcus