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The Gentleman’s Guide to Cocktails

the gentlemans guide to cocktails

Is it time to improve your bartender and party hosting skills? If you are like most of us you know how to make somewhere between 2 to 5 cocktails and then you are out of your league. This cool book gives you 150 of the best cocktail recipes on the planet, but that is not the important part. It tells you how the make the drinks properly. It guides you on presentation, setting up parties, the proper accessories, and all the other tiny details the take a cocktail party to an extreme level. You are going to be ready to mix up any drink the ladies or gentlemen ask for and do it in style.

More importantly, The Gentlman’s Guide to Cocktails written by Alfrend Tong and Jack Hughes is a fun book to read. You will enjoy all of their insights and the touch of humor that rolls through the book.

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