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The Gentlemen 52 Playing Cards

the gentleman 52

Down from the mountains, out of the woods, and off their perches at carnival sideshows comes the weirdest set of poker cards you have ever seen. The Bicycle’s The Gentlemen 52 Playing Cards are hairy, very hairy. Each card highlights a moustache, goatee, or beard that either leaves you feeling inadequate and jealous, or doubles you over in laughter. Just because the cards are called “Genltemen”, does not mean the ladies need to feel left out. Just take a glance at the bearded ladies on the four Queens, those sideshows are missing their main attractions.

To make this special edition even cooler, they come packed in a wood card box complete with a mustachio. You get two coin badges, one for the dealer and one for the guard. These cool cards are offered through a Kickstarter project. You can get a single deck of cards with no extras for $11, or the entire set with box and coins for $32.








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