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The Rigorous Schedules of History’s Most Productive Creative Geniuses


Do you believe your 40 hour work week, overtime, and other activities have your day filled to the brim? As you glance down through this daily routines of some of the world’s most prolific creative minds, you are going to begin to wonder why you take it so easy on yourself. The productive lives suddenly become clear as we see their short nights, their massive amounts of time devoted to creation, and their brief escapes during the day to recharge their minds. We even get insights into what fuels this massive amount of energy, including Balzac’s unbelievable 50 cups of coffee per day.

The schedules of Mozart, Beethoven, Darwin, and others will give you insights into what these men gave up to create the magic they shared with the world. Their commitment might not be for everyone, but it clearly shows luck played very little role in their success.








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