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The Simpsons Theme Park Coming to Orlando

the simpsons theme park

Doh! It is finally happening. Universal Studios announced they are going to bring the Simpson’s hometown of Springfield to live at their Orlando Florida location. They are going to take their popular Simpson’s ride and build a complete theme area around it to create a city of outrageous adventure. What is going to be included? No one is certain except those secret insiders. Will it have a nuclear power plant? We can be sure there will be Moe’s Bar, Krusty Burger, and probably a Lard Boy’s Donuts, but what other amazing Springfield attractions will come to life with Bart, Sally, and Homer?

Universal is sure to grab even more tourists with this exciting addition, but will it make you wait until it opens? The time for completion has not been formally announced but we can probably expect a wait of one to two years.

Via Geek Tyrant and Universal Studios